Nasher Services

Content production and dissemination in various platforms
Communicating daily with the public and answering their inquiries
Communicating with the partner and directing the influencers
Make a periodic report on the interaction in social media
Public needs studies and brainstorming to develop the world

Our social media Services

  • Text content making
  • Public accounts establishment and the general plan
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Accounts marketing
  • Effect measures and periodical reports
  • Multiple content productions

In this step a strategy will be made to establish the accounts through social media and with what suit the vision and mission of our partners, it’s done through analyzing the targeted groups.

Content is the most important point of being in a world full of competition, content is the king. So we search and make the most suitable content for the audience. And the power is in existing and communicating with the audience by content with these specifications:

  • Useful content suits the receiver’s needs
  • Enter the topic directly
  • Attractive and interesting content
  • Clear and direct content
  • Integrated content
  •  Minimize the use of abbreviations and shortcuts
  • Intellectual responsibility
  • Explain the size and sort of the files

By choosing the most suitable and interactive times to deliver the multiple contents with continuing follow up that could reach to 24/7, to answer the clients questions and explanations and interact with them to create strong relationship and draw a distinctive picture in their minds.   

And that’s through:

  • Promotion through public figures and accounts that have greatest impact on people.
  • Marketing through advertising open platforms by open advertising systems like: “Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… etc.”
  • Marketing through websites and online newspapers.

Effect measure is an analytical operation through reports and surveys using high quality tools to measure the audience interaction, the growth size and showing the clients opinions to of specific accounts in social media and specific products or services on social media level. The reports cover the following:

  • Charts and numbers reflects the rates of spreading and appearance
  • Observation of responses and posts in specific areas
  • Study of the audience behaviors and bond it with feedback
  • Reports on the market’s competitors with detailed of the weakness and strength points
  • Proposals presentations and consultancy for developing and upgrade the performance

And that’s through:

  • Video films shooting and production
  • Motion graphics films production
  • Various designs
  • Infographic drawings
  • Audio production